Livpure Knight Hot and Cold-Water Purifier-RO +UV+ UF + Taste Enhancer 4.5 ltr.-Trade Nepal

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Livpure Knight Hot and Cold-Water Purifier RO +UV+ UF + Taste Enhancer 4.5 ltr.-Trade Nepal


  • 8-stage purification process: The Knight uses an 8-stage purification process to remove harmful bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants from water. The stages include:

    • Sediment filter: Removes large particles and sediment from water.

    • Carbon block filter: Removes chlorine, bad taste, and odor from water.

    • Pre-filter: Removes fine particles from water.

    • RO membrane: Removes 99.99% of bacteria and viruses from water.

    • UV lamp: Kills bacteria and viruses in water.

    • UF filter: Removes micro- organisms from water.

    • Mineraliser: Adds healthy minerals to water.

    • Taste Enhancer: Adds a subtle sweetness to the water, making it more palatable.

  • Hot and cold water dispenser: The Knight has a hot and cold water dispenser, making it a convenient option for households that need hot water for tea, coffee, or cooking, and cold water for drinking and cooking. The hot water dispenser can heat water up to 95 degrees Celsius, and the cold water dispenser can chill water down to 5 degrees Celsius.

  • LED indicators: The Knight has LED indicators that show the status of the water purifier, such as the filter life and the water temperature. The filter life indicators show how much time is left on each filter, and the water temperature indicators show the current temperature of the hot and cold water.

Overall, the Livpure Knight Hot and Cold-Water Purifier is a great option for households that are looking for a high-quality water purifier with a hot and cold-water dispenser. It is easy to use and maintain, and it has a number of features that make it a safe and convenient choice for families.

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